Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Walking Miracle Part 2

If you haven't read part one, please be sure to scroll down and read that first. Here is part two of my husband's miracle testimony to the merciful, healing power of our God.

Somehow my friend was able to call for help and also perform enough mouth to mouth resuscitation to keep me alive until the ambulance arrived. It was an extremely long and difficult process getting the ambulance to where I was, so I believe the initial intervention of the Lord was there, giving me the opportunity to stay alive. My friend said later that it was a daunting task keeping me at least vaguely conscious until help arrived. I can remember just a few fragments here and there just plainly fighting to stay alive. It was a very surreal feeling as if there was sort of a deep sleep being forced upon me and struggling with all of my inner constitution just to keep my eyes open. At the same time there is a spiritual dynamic. I seemed to be aware that I could just "check out" so to speak and leave my body all together. Actually I had numerous opportunities in the following weeks to do so, but I honestly don't remember any moment considering that option. I was always highly tenacious and at times just plain stubborn, so this situation provided a constructive application for that you might say. When the ambulance finally arrived to transport me to a hospital nearby my friend said it looked like I was gone. I actually was dead by cardiac arrest early on, but was able to be revived. They examined me and determined first of all, that I needed to be transported to Columbia University Hospital in Missouri, since that was the closest place equipped to handle such a severe case. Second of all, though Columbia was one of the highest ranking spinal cord injury facilities in the nation, they determined that I would never walk again even though my surgery and rehab would be performed there. (Due to the molecular structure of the human spinal cord it is scientifically impossible to repair such damage within the confines of modern medicine.)

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