Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Walking Miracle Part Five

If you haven't read parts one through four, please be sure to scroll down and read them first. Here is part five of my husband's miracle testimony to the merciful, healing power of our God.

One day as I woke from my sleep my mom told me that she saw my legs move slightly. I looked down, and as I was in the habit of doing, I would will them to move. I say will them to move because I had little or no sensation at the time so that's all I could do. But this time they moved! Oh, just barely, but they moved. You see my mom and I had been listening to those tapes and being taught that you must believe you have received the answer to your prayer before you see it. Hebrews 11:1 says, Faith is the evidence of things unseen. We learned to give praise and worship to God for the sacrifice that took place 2,000 years ago to bear this burden. I can still remember her lifting my lifeless arms in her hands and waving our hands together in praise to God. Sometimes you have to be willing to do something that seems totally radical and completely irrational because at all cost you must believe! When this manifestation finally took place, none of the caregivers were willing to believe it at first. They thought they would have to break the news to us that it was just a muscle spasm. When they found out I could actually move my legs on command, it was like pandemonium in the ICU. People were running in and out of my room shouting, "Oh my God!" I wished I could've spoken at the time. I would've exclaimed, "Exactly! He's the one behind all of this!" From that time my room continued to be filled with more people each consecutive day when the doctors would make their rounds. I remember the head of staff standing over my bed looking down at me. I wish I had a picture of the expression on his face. I remember people smiling and shaking their heads in amazement and saying things like, "I guess you were right about those prayers". But this man's expression was different. It looked as if he was standing over someone who was raised from the dead or something. As if he'd seen a ghost you might say. With this solemn look of fear on his face, he stared down at me and simply said, "Jeremy, we just don't see this." As the days continued, my movement progressed. I was able to start exercising my legs in bed. I remember it seemed like sheer torture to go through the process at times. Nobody could advise me concerning the experience with any real accuracy if they had never seen such a recovery.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Throw Them Out!

Works For Me Wednesday
I've already posted for the day but I started on this little project and I had to share it with you! My DH gave me roses for Valentine's Day. What a sweetie! But now, a few days have gone by and they were starting to get pretty sad looking. So, I did two things to savor my Valentines roses a little longer. Firstly, I noticed that these particular roses seemed very hearty and healthy. When I arranged them in water when DH gave them to me, I noticed they had little growth nodules popping out on several of the stems. So, I saved what I trimmed when I arranged them in a little cup of water. Today, when I took them out of their vase, I noticed that the rest of the stems also had lots of growth nodules on them where the leaves had been pulled off when I arranged them. SO, I borrowed some of my mom's handy dandy rooting hormone (this is available at any home improvement store in the garden center). I followed the directions on the package to root my beautiful roses and enjoy them now in my garden. My DH's gift will keep on giving! Also, check out the little cutie that I placed next to my clay pot to remind me of how beautiful my roses will be someday soon... This is an original little oil made by my amazingly talented sister in law. Check out her blog here and her Etsy shop here. She's become quite popular lately - she just sold out of her first original prints!

Secondly, I made two little nosegays to dry. I made two. The first one that I made I used the four best remaining blooms. The ones that I used to make the "how-to" pictures are a little frumpy but don't give up on them! They'll still dry just fine.

SO, here we go:
Step 1 - Cut rose blooms from the length of stem, leaving only about 4 inches of stem. Remove all leaves. Repeat until you have four blooms ready to work with.

Step 2 - Take a piece of floral wire (these pieces are pre-cut and are a heavier gauge than what comes on a roll). and pierce your first rose through the fat area just beneath the bloom. Don't go lower on the stem as it's likely to break. Push the wire through so you've got a length of about 2-3 inches coming out the other side. Loop the wire back so it leaves a little loop for later.

Step 3 - Continue piercing your following three roses, making a little bend in your wire after you pierce each one so you start to form sort of a square and keep your rose blooms close together (please forgive the cereal bowl and milk tab in the background of my pictures... hehehehe).

Step 4 - Take the long end of your wire and put it through the loop you made at the beginning on your first rose. Pull it down tight so your roses are all tightly bound together. Wrap the length of your wire around the stems a few times and at the very end of your wire, make one more little loop to hang your nosegay with.

Step 5 - Finally, just find a nice place in any room to hang your nosegay and allow it to completely dry. This will take 10 days - 2 weeks give or take. It depends on how humid your environment is. This is a fun way to save roses anytime your DH waxes thoughtful and romantic!

A Walking Miracle Part Four

If you haven't read parts one through three, please be sure to scroll down and read them first. Here is part four of my husband's miracle testimony to the merciful, healing power of our God.

I remember being awakened in the middle of the night often to the sound of people yelling, "Clear!!" or other commotion's involving life threatening emergencies. I was always relieved to open my eyes and realize that I was still alive. I would hear the rescue helicopters landing and I would thank God each time because I knew that at least I was past that point. At the same time they were having difficulty keeping me on life support. I had developed clinical pneumonia and other complications, which is quite common. My lungs were filling up with secretions and almost completely collapsed. It appeared as if I was standing at the end of my life on a slippery stone. But God was faithful to His word and I was learning more about my redemption every day. One of my aunts visited me and had with her a couple of audio series booklets taught by Kenneth E. Hagin. The titles of the two tape series were “Healing Belongs To Us” and “God's Medicine”. These teachings dramatically strengthened my faith! I would listen to them a lot during the day and at night I would listen to music playing continually with lyrics that were from scriptures on healing. I was constantly being fed God's word which is a miracle cure, actual medicine for any type of infirmity or disease (Proverbs 4:20-22). I learned that Jesus laid down His life not only to free us from sin but also from infirmity and sickness (Matthew 8:17 & 1 Peter 2:24). Not only did I recover my lung capacity but something miraculous was just on the horizon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Breaking In

I'm breaking in on my series of posts about my husband's miracle testimony to bring you this video. I received this today from our local Right to Life association. This young lady's conviction is contagious. Stand up for the miracle of life, no matter who is testifying for it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Walking Miracle Part 3

If you haven't read parts one and two, please be sure to scroll down and read that first. Here is part three of my husband's miracle testimony to the merciful, healing power of our God.

Given this fact they reported that for the rest of my life I would be a quadriplegic. I don't recall sustained consciousness until sometime the following morning at Columbia. They were trying to explain to me what happened. My only capability of response was to blink my eyes once for yes and twice for no. They went through the process of informing me that I would need a tracheotomy, which would connect me to an electronic ventilation system since I had lost the ability to breathe. Soon after that they performed surgery to permanently stabilize my vertebrae. There was nothing, however, to be done in correcting the damage to the spinal cord seeing that it had spent many hours smashed between the two vertebrae. Approximately ten days later came the final prognosis. It indicated that I would require extensive rehabilitation but the damage was permanent and so the condition would be. I would need to learn to operate what is called a "sip and puff wheelchair", which is maneuvered through a mechanism that allows you to activate it with a straw. But I believed in my heart that Jesus Christ was also my physician and that He was not limited to science.

I placed myself in the hands of The Great Physician. I had very little faith at the time but then again it only takes a little faith to move mountains (Mark 11:23). The one thing I knew is that God loved me, and in spite of my own foolishness, He would have mercy on me. Throughout the whole experience I had people praying for me including my mother who was at my bedside most of the time. I had been attending a church that year, but obviously my whole heart was not in it. At this time in my life I was letting my commitment to God slip, and I was starting to fall back into old destructive habits. Nevertheless, my pastor was accustomed to praying for people in need of healing (Mark 16:18 says that believers will lay hands on the sick and they will recover) and he quickly traveled to the facility in order to claim God's Word concerning the situation. This time of prayer actually took place before my surgery and it seemed that none of the professionals involved in my care would even entertain the idea that I would recover. I remember hearing about some of my co-workers asking the staff if there was any chance of me walking again and they wouldn't even acknowledge the question. Their only reply was, "Let's just see if we can keep him alive." The doctors would scoff at my mother's comments about me being healed. At one time she was having a conversation with one of the head surgeons, and as soon as she mentioned having faith for my healing, he immediately turned his back on her and left the room. Still she remained steadfastly fixed on the Word of God. Here I was age 26 and apparently had lost everything, but with God all things are possible (Luke 18:27).

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Walking Miracle Part 2

If you haven't read part one, please be sure to scroll down and read that first. Here is part two of my husband's miracle testimony to the merciful, healing power of our God.

Somehow my friend was able to call for help and also perform enough mouth to mouth resuscitation to keep me alive until the ambulance arrived. It was an extremely long and difficult process getting the ambulance to where I was, so I believe the initial intervention of the Lord was there, giving me the opportunity to stay alive. My friend said later that it was a daunting task keeping me at least vaguely conscious until help arrived. I can remember just a few fragments here and there just plainly fighting to stay alive. It was a very surreal feeling as if there was sort of a deep sleep being forced upon me and struggling with all of my inner constitution just to keep my eyes open. At the same time there is a spiritual dynamic. I seemed to be aware that I could just "check out" so to speak and leave my body all together. Actually I had numerous opportunities in the following weeks to do so, but I honestly don't remember any moment considering that option. I was always highly tenacious and at times just plain stubborn, so this situation provided a constructive application for that you might say. When the ambulance finally arrived to transport me to a hospital nearby my friend said it looked like I was gone. I actually was dead by cardiac arrest early on, but was able to be revived. They examined me and determined first of all, that I needed to be transported to Columbia University Hospital in Missouri, since that was the closest place equipped to handle such a severe case. Second of all, though Columbia was one of the highest ranking spinal cord injury facilities in the nation, they determined that I would never walk again even though my surgery and rehab would be performed there. (Due to the molecular structure of the human spinal cord it is scientifically impossible to repair such damage within the confines of modern medicine.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Walking Miracle Part 1

As promised, here is part one of my husband Jeremy's miracle testimony in his own words.

My name is Jeremy Peters and this is my personal testimony to the saving, healing gospel of Jesus Christ.
In April of 1996, I was on a vacation sponsored by the company I was working for at the time. The first night we had what you might refer to as a "meet and greet". There was a lot of eating, socializing, drinking etc. In the time that followed I was really carried away with the party and intoxicated. What I didn't realize is that I was about to reap consequences for my sin. God's Word definitely warns against drunkenness (Ephesians 5:18). I'm very thankful today that He is a merciful, forgiving savior.
Later in the evening I was in one of the rooms of this large resort with a friend of mine. We were making plans to do some fishing later in the weekend, but at the time just about to leave and catch some of the nightlife at some local bars and clubs with others in the company. My friend and I had both wrestled in school and used to share some if our old techniques from time to time. So before leaving we started wrestling around just sort of jokingly. He maneuvered what's called a double-leg takedown on me, and I went backwards with a great deal of force stopping suddenly with tremendous impact. There was a solid oak-type chest set against the wall behind me, and my head and neck were just slammed into it. Needless to say there was no give on the part of the wall. I was instantly paralyzed and without any ability to breathe. At that moment my spine was fractured and displaced at the second and third vertebrae. (This is referred to as the Hangman's Fracture and in the majority of cases, results in death. This was the injury suffered by the actor Christopher Reeve.) My spinal cord was completely crushed; all of a sudden I was struggling with the feeling that I was about to die.

More coming soon...