Monday, March 2, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I got tagged today by Hannah at Set Apart For The Grandeur Of My Master

The subject of the tag was, "What Did You Learn Today?"

To tell you the truth I was expecting something goofy like, "Name your first pet.", or "What was your favorite song when you were 16?" or something else completely random like that. Then, Hannah hits me with this ultra-deep question and posts a wonderful lesson on what she learned today. WOW!

So, I'm taking a deep breath and trying to analyze exactly what did I learn today.

1) I learned 4 new beautiful songs written by my SIL Laryssa.
2) I learned what a truly remarkable man Paul Harvey was. He will be missed.
3) I learned from Hannah that I should be learning something everyday!

Now I tag my sis Laura at Love Reigns Here to do the same thing. Sis, what did you learn today?


  1. Wow! That is a deep question.

    I can't say that I really learned something today. But, I remembered why I like some things so much.
    1) How much I not only love my sis but I LIKE her too. sniff sniff
    2) How much fun I have playing with my horse! :)
    3) How much I love to hear my children laugh.
    4) And last but most defiantly not least. My loving and wonderful God! How good He is to us!!

    So even though I didn't necessarily learn anything new today, this is a good thing to do. Remember what and whom we like and love. This is a great way to help our love walk, too. Thanks sis for reminding me to look deeper for the good things in life and then to thank the one who gave them to us.

  2. Cute picture and the font color looks great!

  3. I agree with Laryssa, your picture is too cute!