Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's GOALS

So, it's that time of year when you think to yourself, "If one more person asks me what my 'New Year's Resolution' is, I'll do something to them that will get me put in jail..." It's sad to me though when I consider how misused the word "resolution" really is. Remember the founding fathers of this nation made a resolution, and it wasn't to lose ten pounds by the fourth of July! If a person is resolute, then their mind is made up and they are firm on their decision. IT WILL come to pass no matter what. One definition of "resolution" from Webster's 1828 dictionary is, "The effect of fixed purpose; firmness, steadiness or constancy in execution, implying courage." It takes courage to be constant until your purpose has been executed. At our church we've been challenged to make goals for 2009. Webster's 1828 defines a goal as, "The end or final purpose; the end to which a design tends, or which a person aims to reach or accomplish", and "The point set to bound a race, and to which they run; the mark". I'm going to be courageous this year and reach the goals that God has put in my heart. How about you? I hope the following video will inspire you to make reaching the lost the number one goal you have this year. There is nothing more important.

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