Friday, January 16, 2009

Modesty - What A Cool Thing!

Modesty and "cool" haven't always seemed to go together, but let me tell you sister, they do! When you know that modesty is beautiful in the sight of the Lord, it makes you want to pursue it with all your heart! That being said, I'm joining in with Sarah Mae over at Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee in her modest fashion show! Here are some pictures of myself over the last few years following my modesty guidelines. I'll share them with you too...

1. Modesty is beautiful and I will celebrate it, not drudge through it.
My first rule keeps modesty in perspective and makes it a fun challenge everyday to flee evil and cling to what is good. If I keep a smile on my face while I'm doing this, I'll make any outfit look cute because of my joyful expression.

2. Modesty is fun and funky!
How easy is it to follow the crowd and just wear stuff off the rack? Dressing modestly makes you THINK about what you're going to wear so it can really bring out your creative side.

3. If in doubt, COVER UP!
If when I look at myself in the mirror and say, "is this truly modest?" the answer is NO! If you have any doubts about whether you're being modest or not, what's the harm in layering up with a high necked tee or a longer skirt underneath? Get bold with a funky new style and when in doubt, COVER UP!

4. My collar bone is more than enough.
I learned from a Jewish friend that in Judaism, modesty is very important as well. Remember in orthodox Judaism, married women still cover their heads at all times. Anyway, he told me that their rule of thumb is that the collar bone is the line for shirt collars. In their law, anything beneath that is considered part of the breast area (ask any doctor, they'll tell you that's true). So, it's to be covered and protected. Makes sense to me! Now, not many cute tops follow this strict guideline, but a few basic ones do. So, I have a drawer full of tees and sleeveless tops for making unacceptable shirts fit right in to my modest wardrobe.

5. My behind is for me to know and you never to find out
I'm not a fan of seeing other people's behinds. Sounds crazy but it's true. In light of that, I figure I'd better keep mine to myself too. That means I go as far as wearing long tops and a lot of skirts to keep my behind to myself. If I wear slacks jeans, or capris (I LOVE CAPRIS in summer - shorts are relegated to mowing the yard at home ONLY), I wear a tunic length top to keep covered up. Sound extreme? Maybe so but I'm clinging to good and RUNNING from evil.

OK, enough bullet points and on to the pics!

This bottom one is from Resurrection Sunday a few years ago. I added it to show how I used my pearl pin to make an otherwise too low cut v in the front of this dress perfectly modest. See that little pin towards the top? It's holding everything back from view. Love little strategies like that to make everyday clothes unique and modest.

Enjoy being a feminine, Godly, modest woman. What a gift you are to the world!


  1. I love the brown leggings with the plaid dress!

  2. You are always so cute! Great job my fun and funky sister!

  3. Very well said. You always push fashion to another level. Love it.

  4. great post!
    Would you like to join our modesty carnival launching February 2nd?

    We would be honored to have a submission from your blog- click here for more info-

  5. Thank you Sarah for being a prime example of the Proverbs 31 woman we are all called to be. I love and admire you!

  6. I love the plaid dress with the brown leggings layered underneath!! SO cute..!! :-)