Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thanks everyone for the kind words about our home. The most pleasing thing of all is when your husband tells you, "Boy hunny, the house sure looks beautiful." NOTHING can top that! I can look around and see all kinds of little things that I think need to be fixed, but it all disappears when you have the approval of the one nearest and dearest to you. Thanks again for coming to see our home, you're welcome back anytime!

One more thing, check out John 12:43. Especially this time of year we tend to hunt for man's praise and admiration for our new party dress, our mantle garland (teehee), our special baked goody that we spent HOURS and MONEY on trying to get just perfect, or the special gift that we drove half way across town to buy with our last few pennies and wrapped with some of our blogging friends best tips. BUT REMEMBER GIRLS, it's all about pleasing Him. And, isn't there something about Christ in the word Christmas anyway?!? Let's seek out the pleasure of Him Who gave everything for us and as we please Him first, all those around us will be affected by the light of His presence in our lives. Blessings to you today and see you tomorrow!


  1. you speak the truth....we decorate our hearts for him...even if we don't have a tree or garland....we tend to forget don't we....but your house really does look lovely...

  2. Thanks N.M. - may we never forget that He prizes the adornment of a meek and quiet spirit above any decked out garland or Christmas tree.