Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas in the Kitchen and Dining Room

Here's some more pictures. The one of the front the house came out really blurry. Oh well. Here's another nativity we got for a wedding gift. It's so beautiful and fits in beautifully with all the rustic decoration in the house.

Here's a view of our dining room. My gold candles were hand painted by a friend of mine with acrylic paint. She learned the Donna Dewberry one stroke paint method.

Here's another one of the nativity scene and of my kitchen window. I have raffia and berries on a a spring-tension rod and my ornaments are hanging from a little hook. I use a willow basket to keep our napkins in and the pinecones in the other basket are dipped in green, red, and white wax. I think they're actually for a fireplace? I'm not sure but I love them and put them out every year.


  1. Hello!!

    What a beautiful, COZY home you have!! Oh, it makes me miss my childhood home in Oregon. I really love your decorating style!! Thanks so much, and GREAT JOB on the blog! It looks wonderful!!

  2. Everything looks wonderful! You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing it with us on the tour.

    Merry Christmas from She Lives!