Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. It's the holiday set aside for honoring the woman who gave you life and hopefully nurtured and raised you in the fear of God. It is a sad state of affairs, however, that our country also celebrates death and a "woman's right to choose" when it comes to the legalization and federal support of abortions.

How horrific to consider that when one mother is praying desperately for her premature baby's life, another mother is having a late term abortion of "a fetus, a piece of undveleoped tissue".

If you haven't heard about it yet, there is a pro-life organization here in Tennessee that conducted a sting operation at the Memphis Planned Parenthood last year. Here's the report on it and the link to the YouTube video of their undercover visit. This is shocking stuff folks - it's time to stand up and be counted.



MEMPHIS, April 29--Following the release of undercover footage from a Memphis Planned Parenthood clinic, state lawmakers have introduced legislation that could divert taxpayer subsidies from Planned Parenthood in Tennessee. In response to Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis Region's contesting the veracity of the footage, the group responsible for filming, Live Action, has sent the state Attorney General and Memphis District Attorney an unedited version for review.

The full footage is also on YouTube for public viewing. CLICK HERE to watch.

Lila Rose, 20-year-old president of Live Action, says the unedited video further exposes Planned Parenthood's reckless counseling practices. When Lila, posing as a 14-year-old girl impregnated by a 31-year-old man, mentions, "My boyfriend said he could pay for everything--But he shouldn't come here to pay 'cause you'll see him, right?" the counselor replies, "It doesn't matter. As long as your parents are not here and can't identify him, he can just pay and that's it. He could be like your older brother or whatever." Tennessee law states that a minor must have parental consent before undergoing an abortion.

Rose commends the Tennessee state lawmakers, led by Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey and Sen. Jack Johnson, who have questioned the state's over $700,000 funding of Planned Parenthood. "Why would citizens tolerate paying the bills of an organization that protects statutory rapists and victimizes young girls? This is the sad result of the careless abortion-first mentality that has persisted at Planned Parenthood for decades."

On Monday, Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region CEO Barry Chase sent an email to state legislators asking them to stop the bill and claimed that Live Action's president, Lila Rose, refused to release the unedited footage, even though neither Rose nor Live Action received any correspondence from Mr. Chase.

"We have not received a request from Planned Parenthood for the raw footage, so their efforts to raise doubts about the validity of the tapes are made only to mislead," Rose said in response. "The typical last-ditch effort of Planned Parenthood is to wantonly suggest that the unedited tapes might prove them innocent. But to better illustrate the deliberate cover up of statutory rape and abuse by Planned Parenthood, we have made the entire video public."

Live Action has also responded to the gross errors in Mr. Chase’s email to legislators. “It is all the more troubling to think that even a novice counselor at Planned Parenthood would know to recommend this law-evasion strategy. How prevalent must this evasion be at Planned Parenthood clinics when even the ‘interpreters’ are implicated?” states the letter. CLICK HERE to read the letter.

Live Action has released similar footage from five other clinics, located in Arizona and Indiana, as part of its Mona Lisa Project, which shows Planned Parenthood employees as they respond to reports of statutory rape and offer secret abortions. Find out more at

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Choosing Modesty

Life really is all about choices, isn't it? I was just sitting here planning what I was going to wear to a family outing coming up and it's going to be WARM already here in Tennessee. I was thinking of an outfit that would be comfortable and in most books, modest. But not to me - not on the inside.

You know that feeling you get from the Holy Spirit down in your gut when you're contemplating doing something that you know is displeasing to Him? You just can't get away from it and the more you try, the worse you feel. Well, thankfully THIS TIME I settled it all with Him in a matter of moments.

Sometimes it's taken me much longer and there have been times I haven't yielded at all. I'm learning to take these little learning moments and value them highly. It's these times when I yield to Him in something that seems small that will build my character to yield in the critical moments. How have you had to discipline yourself lately to yield to Him?

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Witness To The Gospel Part 2

Well, the first official outing with our youth group on Saturday was an absolute success. The weather forecast wasn't promising but it ended up being a gorgeous afternoon and the park was full of Gospel starved folks. By the end of the day, priority number one was reached with two people praying to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. All of heaven rejoices!!! Priority number two was also accomplished by every young person in our group learning more about being an effective witness and getting absolutely addicted to the glorious high of leading someone to be born again.

I'll keep posting updates on our witnessing adventures. We'll be going out as a group at least once a month and the youth have been given the challenge to share the Gospel with at least one person per week. I can't wait to share our testimonies with you!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Witness To The Gospel

Today is a special day - we're going on a mission! My husband is a passionate servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and he has really been getting our entire church fired up about witnessing. We're gearing up a new outreach today with our youth group. This afternoon is our first formal outing together and we expect to see many reached for the kingdom of God.

Jeremy has been really blessed by the teaching of Ray Comfort and his ministry, Way of the Master. I HIGHLY recommend his book, "Hell's Best Kept Secret". We're going to pick up his example and use a camcorder as a way to draw people in and start talking to them in a TV News interview style. Check out our church's website to see "the GPS test" and how we've learned to use the law of God as a schoolmaster to bring people to Christ (Galatians 3:24).

Share a comment or two with me about any witnessing you've done lately. I'd love to hear your stories! And, I'll post again on Monday and let you know how it went today. I know it will be glorious!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Life

This Sunday we will celebrate in churches across the country the new life given to believers by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I hope this little video from a mother's day will remind you of how much God cares about life. Remember that it is His ultimate desire for us to be brought near to Him and obtain the fullness of life afforded to us by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Blessings to you this Resurrection Sunday!