Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Witness To The Gospel

Today is a special day - we're going on a mission! My husband is a passionate servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and he has really been getting our entire church fired up about witnessing. We're gearing up a new outreach today with our youth group. This afternoon is our first formal outing together and we expect to see many reached for the kingdom of God.

Jeremy has been really blessed by the teaching of Ray Comfort and his ministry, Way of the Master. I HIGHLY recommend his book, "Hell's Best Kept Secret". We're going to pick up his example and use a camcorder as a way to draw people in and start talking to them in a TV News interview style. Check out our church's website to see "the GPS test" and how we've learned to use the law of God as a schoolmaster to bring people to Christ (Galatians 3:24).

Share a comment or two with me about any witnessing you've done lately. I'd love to hear your stories! And, I'll post again on Monday and let you know how it went today. I know it will be glorious!


  1. Yes we're going on a mission, I'm excited too. Cya at 12:30

  2. I hope your outing went well! I just went on one myself, this Saturday. It was wonderful. Our church has been moved by the preaching of Ray Comfort, as well, and on Saturday we were passing out tracts and copies of "Hell's Best Kept Secret." If you'd like to hear more about our Saturday morning, I wrote the story out on my blog;

    Please let us know how your mission goes!