Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's A New Day...

...and it's raining, again. But, I'm not complaining. Our area has been in sever drought for the last two years so hopefully this is getting those levels back to normal.

This is just a personal update post. Nothing educational, no tips or tricks on household maintenance, and no righteous indignation over some unjust act. Nope, it's just me saying, "Hey there!" to the nice folks who read this blog.

It seems life has picked up the pace lately. As some of you know already, I work full time in our church office and our homeschool umbrella program. With graduation hurtling towards us, we are working hard with our seniors to make sure every last "I" is dotted and every last "T" is crossed. Our graduation comes late in June but the caps and gowns, invitations, transcripts, ETC ETC ETC are all upon us right now. Additionally, my good friend and co-worker was out of town for about 10 days recently and left me with all HER work to do too (If you're reading this Toni, I forgive you...LOL)! I'll get her back when I go on vacation in June.

Speaking of vacation, it has been on my mind practically everyday! For the last three years, we have gone every summer to visit my husband's family in Iowas for our summer vacation. This is the only time we get to see his brother and his family. My husband's parents come down to visit usually around Thanksgiving but this is the one time a year we get to ALL be together as a family. We always have such a blast and my mother in law (I hate calling her that) and I are really close. Since it's vacation, I have a little looser regulations for that one week about coffee and sweets (for those who don't know me that well, those consumptives are under STRICT regulation.) so we go out pretty much every morning for a cup of coffee and a bagel. We take our Bibles and share all the glorious things God has been working in us since we last were together.

I'm really blessed to live so close to my family. Our whole crew is going to be together this Sunday for Mother's Day. I really have compassion for my DH because I cannot imagine only seeing my mom twice a year. I can hardly go two days! LOL Seems wimpy I know but she means so much to me. If you're reading this mom, I love you so much!

Well, I'm going to stop the rambling for now and hope that you enjoyed getting caught up with me. Remember to call your mom this Sunday if you can't be with her and remember that everyday is a day to worship HIM! Blessings...

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