Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A New Day

Yesterday was a sad day. About 8:30 A.M. we learned that our great buddy Gus, our Great Pyrenees dog, had advanced bone cancer and would have to be put down. It was a total shock since Gus had no previous signs of illness at all. Right up until yesterday morning and even getting in the truck to go the the clinic he was his usual spunky self. We learned that the cancer had actually eaten a hole in his front leg bone and what we thought might have been a sprain or seasonal arthritis turned out to be a fatal sickness.

My husband and I wept yesterday. Gus was really my husband's dog since he had him before we ever met or married but the three of us were a family and it was a hard day.

But, today is a new day. Even in the short 24 hour period the memory is still fresh but is being replaced with happy thoughts of the goofy, lovable, laid-back pup known to those who loved him most as Gustafson Jones. We'll miss you pal - thanks for being a part of the family.

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