Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Crisp Fall Air

It has yet to hit the south but crisp fall air is right around the corner. I can just feel it!

Do you go to your state fair? I never did as a kid. My parents aren't exactly what you call extroverts and so large crowds and noisy rides weren't exactly their thing to say the least. In fact, I had never been to our state fair until two years ago when my husband and I went together. He grew up in a state where the state fair is almost sacred and cannot be missed. Being that it's one of the best and largest state fairs in the country, I can understand why. But the state we live in now... not so much. Our state fair has had a long history of utter puny-ness. Maybe that's another reason why my parents never took us. I have to say it was a pretty big disappointment to my hubby after the grandeurs of state fairs gone by in his childhood but we had a fun day and enjoyed the grossly over-sized pumpkins and the pig races. Seriously.

But, I digress. Jeremy ordered some witnessing tracts this week and it's making us both feel like going back tomorrow for our weekly Friday date. When you can combine a great night out with your best buddy AND get to preach the Gospel to people in need, what better multi-tasking could there be?

Tell me about your state fair or county fair memories. I need some good ones!

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  1. Until this last year, all my state/county fair memories weren't ones I'd love to keep. Mostly involved being hit on by old men, or watching friends get into fights. But this year we went to the Iowa State Fair and it was pretty impressive. Saw a camel. That in of itself was enough to make me think it was cool. :)